IOM MD Championship 2017, entries.

The following skippers have already entered via the MYA online entry system for this years championship being hosted by Manor Park SC.

1: Colin Walton (3), 2: Mike Kemp (37), 3: Mick Chamberlain (46), 4: Laurie Brown (69), 5: John Smith (43), 6: Graham Whalley (16), 7: Stephen Hodgkinson (14), 8: Don Charlesworth (77), 9: Tony Pickering (52),

Please help the host club by getting your entry in by 21:00 on 31st August.

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IOM MD Championship 2017, NOR & Entry.

Manor Park SC are hosting ths years IOM MD Championship on 3rd September for the “Mac Colyer” trophy, and welcome all skippers to the summer seasons finale.

See NOR below for details.

The MYA online race entry system has been activated here:

Please help the host club by getting your entry in by 21:00 on 31st August.

The MYA Midland District AGM will take place in the club house after racing.

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MDCS & C 2017 Series Results.

After 5 events completed in the 2017 IOM MDCS series we can now confirm the winners.

IOM MDCS Skipper:        Chris Harris (Windrush RYC).

IOM MDCS Club:              Manor Park RSC.

So congratulations to both with Chris defending the title from last year and Manor Park RSC taking over from Leicestershire RYC.

The full series results have been posted under the Results tab, and the Roll of Honour has been updated in the About tab.

The series shields will be presented at this year’s district AGM, which is scheduled for 3rd September 2017 at Manor Park after the Midland District IOM Championship event.

Season round up.

This year we had to re-arrange round 5 from Watermead MBC to Manor Park RSC and we thank them for stepping in, and one event only attracted 8 entries. This has led to the following analysis to see if we need to look at the series structure.

     2017.                                    2016.  

  • Top skipper score: Chris Harris.                                  300pts                                   300pts
  • Number of different MD skippers                               33                                            33
  • Average number of MD skippers at each event        14                                            17
  • Number of skippers doing all events                           3                                              5
  • Number of skippers using series discards                  7                                              10
  • Top Club score:                                                             1121 MP RSC                   1241 Leic RYC
  • Number of MD clubs                                                      8                                              7

Boat Analysis.

  • Number of different designs                13                                           14
  • Britpop!                                                    15 off (48%)                        13 off (40%)
  • V9                                                               3                                             1
  • Kantun                                                       2                                             0
  • Fraktal                                                       1                                             1
  • Rubix                                                          1                                             1
  • MX1                                                            1                                             1
  • Widget                                                        1                                             2
  • Psycho                                                        1                                             0
  • Chienz                                                         1                                             0
  • Slimtel                                                         1                                            1
  • Lintel                                                           2                                            3
  • Gadget                                                         1                                             3
  • Nemesis                                                       1                                            0
  • Alternative                                                  0                                            2
  • Vision                                                           0                                            1
  • Stealth                                                          0                                            1
  • Triple Crown                                               0                                            1
  • Fe Fe                                                             0                                            1

So in conclusion the two most popular events remain Market Bosworth and Manor Park, whilst the boat to have appears to be a Britpop!

Let’s see if we can challenge the norm for 2018 and bring another venue to the top, so over to the other host clubs. Get your offer to run a 2018 event in at the District AGM.

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MDCS & C 2017 R5 Manor Park SC Race Report.

We enjoyed a great days racing on a weed free water, with a single fleet of 20 yachts from 11 clubs, completing 19 heats.

A long start line and ample room between the windward and leeward buoys provided few collisions with turns carried out with goodwill.  It was the first time that the new green container cabin on the radio sailing hill has been used to its full potential.  The electricity supply allowed Gordon Sears to run his computer and display the scores after each race on the television behind the end window.  This was very elegant and much appreciated.

The course was unusual for Manor Park, as the wind veered from West to North, and all the directions in between, over the day and sometimes throughout each race.  The course board remained the same after the first 3 races, even as the buoys were adjusted to cope with this shift.  Yachts rounded the windward marks 1 and 2 to port, close by the bank, before a run down to the gate in the distance alongside the island (twice).  The windward mark No1 by the bank provided the skippers with a clear view from above as they closely negotiated the fraught tack on to starboard, at the same time as the wind direction changed markedly.  A-rigs were used throughout with around 6 to 10mph breeze.

Rob Wilson was the clear leader at all stages. The following positions were closely fought by visiting sailors Mick Chamberlain, Peter Cropper and Laurie Brown with the leader board changing throughout the day.  The Manor Park skippers slugged it out for the middle positions between themselves.

Thanks to the Ballington girls, Penelope and Emily, for helping with the booking in, finish line scoring and moving the buoys with Darin.

The new luxurious cabin, plus the restored Met Office Mark II wind vane, along with the site layout and facilities means that it will also be a fantastic venue for the A Nationals next weekend.

Colin Walton (Pro).

Pictures have been posted to the Gallery Tab.

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MDCS 2017 R5 Manor Park Race Results

Today’s results from round 5 of the summer IOM series at Manor Park SC have been posted under the results tab.

Individual and club positions will be calculated and posted soon.

Thanks go to Manor Park for stepping in and hosting this event, Colin Walton (Pro) and Darin Ballington (Aro) managed the racing and got 19 races completed.

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MDCS 2017 R5 Manor Park Entries

The following skippers have already entered via the MYA online entry system.

1: Laurie Brown (69), 2: Graham Whalley (16), 3: Don Charlesworth (77), 4: David Alston (11), 5: Garry Box (1), 6: Mick Chamberlain (46), 7: Stephen Hodkinson (14), 8: Eric Finley (28), 9: Rob Wilson (97), 10: Albert Whitehead (34), 11: John Smith (43), 12: Mike Kemp (37), 13: Tracey Ballington (8), 14: Peter Cropper (68), 15: John Burgoine (34), 16: Tony Pickering (52), 17: Jen Hand (169), 18: Mark Tipping (146),

Please help the host club by getting your entry in by 21:00 on 13th July 2017.

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MDCS & C 2017 R5 Manor Park SC NOR & Entry

The racing now moves onto Manor Park SC who have stepped in to host the Watermead event for the fifth round of this years series to be held on 16th July, see NOR below for details.

The MYA online race entry system has been activated here:

Please help the host club by getting your entry in by 21:00 on 13th July 2017.

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IOMMDCS 2017 R5 Venue Change

Earlier this year Chris H and I discussed the ongoing development work being undertaken at Watermead and the effect it was having to club sailing.
Since then Clive Bardell has confirmed that unfortunately this is still the case and they would not be able to run the IOMMDCS R5 this year.

A few Midland skippers had been discussing this possibility and were looking round for an alternative venue. So after several conversations and emails we had an official offer from the Manor Park committee saying they would be happy to host the event, so round 5 will now be at.

MANOR PARK SC on 16th July 2017.

A NOR will be issued shortly and the online entry system activated.

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MDCS &C 2017 R4 Leicestershire RYC Race Report.

The race team arrived to gusting conditions from the right direction for the lake. The competitors all decided to start in the largest sail suit which proved interesting as by the time of the first race it was a marginal decision. Laurie Brown was the skipper who mastered the conditions best initially with two wins on the bounce, his main advantage appeared his control in the gusts keeping the bow above water!

After the second race a generous break was given to allow all bar three skippers to change down as the wind and gusts increased, the correct decision with hind sight was to stick with the large rig as the wind temporarily dropped and Don Charlesworth showed the way in the next two races before the remaining skippers switched down. Don again showed mastery of the conditions in race five before one of his blips in race six a fourth place and one of his discards!

Our long distance visitor Peter Cropper from West Cornwall was quietly going about his business by consistently sailing in the event his problems came later as he unfortunately had electrical issues resulting in three maximum scores, without which he may have challenged for second place rather than his third overall. Credit to Peter for persevering with the repairs to enable him to continue.

Don rather dominated the days sailing winning overall with eleven wins out of seventeen races and all his other counting scores being second places. Second in the event was taken by Dave Alston with a display of consistency which did not attract attention but got the job done. With such a small field it may not surprise but out of the entry we had five different heat winners, none more happy than Chris Cook sailing his Slimtel after struggling with the conditions.

It was good to see that the podium was filled by three different designs, Britpop, V9 and Asbo 2.

The higher wind range showed that skipper’s need to check their smaller rigs as Rob and myself were treated to some sailing antics as jib luff wires were getting caught on spreaders.

The gusting conditions caused numerous incidents most of which were dealt with in good humour so a thanks from the race team to all the competitors for not making it a difficult day on the bank which allowed time for plenty of sailing. With the higher wind range rather than Charnwood’s normal more moderate conditions it was a pity that not more midland skippers experienced the event.

Pictures of the winners are in the gallery, and thanks to all who attended.

Race report by Eric Finley.

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MDCS 2017 R4 Leicestershire Race Results.

Sundays results from round 4 of the summer IOM series at Leicestershire RYC have been posted under the results tab.

Both the individual and club positions have also been updated.

A short race report will follow.

Thanks go to Rob and Eric for race management.

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