IOMMDCS 2018 R1 MBRYC Event Cancelled

To all competitors,
Having just seen the revised weather forecast for tomorrow on the BBC website the organising committee of MBRYC have decided to cancel the event scheduled for tomorrow.
The driving conditions look difficult and as there is no shelter lakeside we would all be in for a cold miserable day.

We will try to re-schedule after consultation with the park to find a clear Sunday.

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This summers Midland District IOM skipper and club series starts at Market Bosworth RYC on their new water of Stanton Lakes, LE9 4JA on 18th March 2018.
Following the recent vote the summer series will be run using IOMMDCS&C Deed of Gift V4. See the NOR below for event details.
MDCS & C 2018 MBRYC Stanton Lakes R1 NOR

The entry fee is £7:00, which includes the £5:00 per boat lake hire fee.

The MYA online entry system has been activated here:
Alternatively you can enter by Email to

Please help the host club and get your entry in by 21:00 on 15th March 2018.

The following skippers have already entered, 1: Stephen Haywood (57), 2: Garry Box (1), 3: Colin Walton (3), 4: Graham Whalley (16), 5: Les Cleaver (60), 6: Don Charlesworth (77), 7: Chris Cook (48), 8: Rob Wilson (97), 9: Stephen Hodgkinson (14), 10: Mick Barnett (90), 11: Darin Ballington (98), 12: Tracey Ballington (8), 13: Tony Pickering (52), 14: John Smith (43),

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IOMMDCS&C 2018 Deed of Gift

Following up on my email of 1st March which was sent to all the Midland District skippers who had entered one or more of the races during last year’s winter & summer IOM series, the feedback that I have received has unanimously in favour of updating the IOMMDCS&C Deed of Gift to version 4 with immediate effect.

This will form the basis of this summers IOM Midland District Champion Skipper & Club series for 2018, which commences at MBRYC on 18th March 2018.

The new Deed of Gift has been posted to the site under the “About” tab.

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IOMMDWCS 17/18 Series Results.

I need to appologies to John Humphries firstly as he appeared to have two entries in the series as we had him under jib 52 and jib 53, it also appears that there was a small error in John Smith’s results which have been amended, these has been sorted and a revised overall series result sheet (v2) posted to the results tab. Thanks to Steve Haywood for bringing this to my attention with a question that made me look again. Glad to see so many of you looking at the site today.

Congratulations go to Darin Ballington (MP) for his successful defence of the “Gibb Trophy”, his dominance in the series started by winning the opening round at Birmingham MBC and he never relinquished the lead. Looking at his sailing average (1.4) over the 39 counting heats, he was a full 2 points better than Mick Chamberlain (Linc) who finished a creditable second.

A full breakdown of the complete series right down to heat level for each skipper has been posted to the “Results, race/series” tab.

Darin wins the “Gibbs Trophy” which we will present to him at another MD IOM meeting. His name has been added to the Roll of Honour which is posted under the “About” tab. Will anyone challenge him next winter? After three wins in a row I doubt he will make it easy for any challenger.

Finally thank you to all the host clubs and their race teams for making this series a success by providing 39 MD skippers a chance to race their IOM’s over the winter.

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IOMMDWCS 17/18 R4 Manor Park Race Report.

The manor Park race results have been added to the “results, race series” tab and the picture gallery now includes the prize presentation photo’s.

Thanks to the Manor Park race team.

A clear blue sky, with temperatures slowly rising from -2 degrees and a light South Easterly breeze greeted the 17 skippers who came to contest Round 4 of the Midland District Winter Series.

The prevailing wind was directly parallel to the control area which allowed for a long windward /leeward course to be laid, though it tested the eyesight of some competitors.

Races were sailed in blocks of three. After the first round Darin Ballington led from Rob Wilson with Mick Chamberlain and David Burke in hot pursuit. The wind gradually increased in strength, swinging around 20 degrees with some significant gusts and much quieter lulls.

All the top nine skippers made occasional forages into the top three places, and Mick Chamberlain eventually overtook Rob to gain second place. In the end Darin was a convincing winner from Mick, Rob and David Burke with Stephen Hayward in fifth place. Great weather for exciting and challenging racing and a well-behaved fleet!

Thanks to the race team of Nancy on finishing and computer and Roy on start and finish. 

PRO & Race report by John Smith (Manor Park).

The race results and overall series scores will be posted soon.

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IOMMDWCS 17/18 R4 Manor Park RSC NOR.

This winters IOM Champion Skipper series for the “Gibbs Trophy” final round is going to be at Manor Park RSC, see their NOR below for details. MDWS 17-18 R4 Manor Park NOR

The MYA online race entry system has been activated here:

Alternatively you can email direct to, Tel 01543262528.

Please help the host club and get your entry in by 21:00 on 22nd February 2018.

The first entries have started to come in: 1: Graham Whalley (16), 2: Laurie Brown (69), 3: Jen Hand (169), 4: Stephen Haywood (57), 5: Stephen Hodgkinson (14), 6: Darin Ballington (98), 7: Tracey Ballington (8), 8: Michael Cooper (39), 9: Mick Chamberlain (46), 10: Chris Cook (48), 11: Bill Green (45), 12: Mick Barnett (33), 13: Garry Box (1), 14: Don Charlesworth (77), 15: Rob Wilson (97), 16: John Humphries (53), 17: David Alston (11),

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IOMMDWCS 17-18 R2 MBRYC Race Report.

A selection of pictures from Jeff Postlethwaite have just been posted to the “Gallery”, and an appology to Laurie Brown for not including his PRO scores in the interim series results. This has now been amended and the new positions posted to the “Results” tab.

Market Bosworth RYC were looking forward to hosting their first open meeting at their new venue Stanton Lakes, everything was set, rescue boat acquired (thanks Manor Park) new buoys laid and race team ready. We just needed some skippers and wind and sure enough we got both. We planned for two fleets with an entry of 20, but with one cancellation and one no show we were down to 18. We could have run with one fleet but decided to stick to plan A and two fleets. The wind was forecast a steady westerly 14/15 mph and for the first race whilst a few may have been tempted to try their No 1 suits everyone decided No2 suit was the way to go.

The seeding races got underway pretty much on time with wins for Darin Ballington and Mick Chamberlain and this was to prove the pattern for the day however a mention must also go for Tracey B scoring a second place in her seeding race making it something of a family affair and Simon Pope 2nd in his seeding race on his first Midland District event for quite sometime. As the day continued Darin and Mick were the skippers to beat however consistency was the order of the day and the home team’s Steve Haywood scored a solid set of 3rd places along with a couple of seconds which meant he was always in the mix. A few skippers; Jen, David A and Graham W definitely got their moneys worth and couldn’t decide whether they wanted to be in A or B fleets.

As the day wore on the wind steadily increased to the top end of No 2 suit and with boats nose diving a few decided to try their No 3 suits for size, Mick Cooper and Graham Whalley almost got away with it but No 2 proved to be the right rig at the end of the day.

We completed nine full races; with two discards and just 7 points Darin took the overall win only his 3rd place discard in race 7 spoiling what would have been a full set of first places. Second place went to Mick with Steve not so far behind in third.

Thanks to all the skippers on behalf of Market Bosworth RYC for making our first open at Stanton Lakes such a success and thanks very much to the race team of Gordon, Roy, Tony B, Jeff and Andy and also to Pete C for helping to observe. Also to the rest of the MBRYC team for helping with the preparations.

We look forward to seeing you again in March for the Sears Trophy but don’t forget the next round of the IOM MDWS is on 25th Feb at Manor Park.

Laurie Brown, PRO, MBRYC.

The interim series results after the third round have been calculated and added to the “Results” tab.

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IOMMDWCS 17/18 R2 MBRYC Results

18 skippers turned up to the first open event at the new home water for Market Bosworth RYC. The conditions were challenging with a good strong second suit blow all day.

The results have been added to the “Results, Race Series tab” of the site, and once we have had time to get out thoughts together a race report and pictures will follow. The series positions will also be updated soon.

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IOMMDWCS 17/18 R2 Market Bosworth RYC NOR.

This winters IOM Champion Skipper series for the “Gibbs Trophy” now moves on to Market Bosworth RYC at Stanton Lakes, see their NOR below for details. MDWCS 17-18 MBRYC Stanton Lakes R2

The MYA online race entry system has been activated here:

Alternatively you can email direct to, Please help the host club and get your entry in by 21:00 on 25th January 2018.

The following skippers have already entered, 1: Colin Walton (3), 2: Mick Chamberlain (46), 3: Mike Kemp (37), 4: John Smith (43), 5: Garry Box (1), 6: David Alston (11), 7: Jen Hand (69), 8: Tony Pickering (52), 9: Graham Whalley (16), 10: Stephen Hodgkinson (14), 11: Michael Cooper (39), 12: Eric Finley (28), 13: Rob Wilson (97), 14: Chris Cook (48), 15: Stephen Haywood (57), 16: Don Charlesworth (77), 17: Tracey Ballington (8), 18: Darin Ballington (98), 19: Simon Pope (19), 20: John Humphries (53),

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IOMMDWCS 17/18 R3 Lincoln Race Report.

The day dawned as still as you get it, the water was glassy smooth, the competitors started to arrive and you could smell the waft of bacon coming from the clubhouse. 26 competitors all stood around chatting and discussing the weather. OOD Alan Newman held the briefing at 09:50 and welcomed everybody, then postponed racing until a whisper of wind showed on the Lincoln flag, we did not have to wait too long 30 minutes max before the first of the seeding races won by Chris Elliott and Craig Raistrick, I suppose for the most part the wind was in the south around 5/6 knots, and with some innovative course laying by Darin Ballington we had great racing during the day.

A battle royal at the head of the fleet between Craig, Darin, and Chris was great to watch, but in fairness the competitive spirit right thru the fleet was amazing, and all sailed in the very best spirit you can imagine. At the end of the day it was Darin who took the honours from Craig, followed by Chris with his new rig set up. A great variety of designs (15) was nice to see, some old some new, but all raced in the same good spirit. Our thanks must go to the team at Lincoln for a great day Jan in the galley with the bacon Butties, Allan our OOD, Gordon, Jackie, Alan Edgar, Ed Whittaker for his tireless work, the two Micks, Darin, and others who just lent a hand where required. Also the skippers for making this such an enjoyable no stress event.

We now look forward to the next bash at Stanton Lakes which is round two rearranged.

Mick Chamberlain.

Please pass on my thanks to all the race team and organizers for today’s event. (please include the catering team) All generally the un-sung heroes of a day’s racing, without these volunteers the rest of us could not compete. Despite the slow start as you had not ordered the wind early enough it turned into an enjoyable but cold days racing.

Eric Finley.

If anyone has any pictures from the event, please forward to me and I will add a selection into the event gallery. Gordon.

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